We let you know what cables will be needed when scheduling so that we do not surprise you with extra fees. But if you prefer we will have cables available for purchase.

Generally, each component will need an audio and video cable connection to the TV or your receiver.

Cables Price
10′ HDMI Audio/Video Cable

  • High speed HDMI for all applications including 3D Blu-ray.
  • Best cable option for connecting audio and video with HDMI compatible devices (most TV’s and components less than 5 years old)
25′ HDMI Audion/Video Cable

  • Most often required when mounting a home theater projector
12′ Component Video Cable (red, blue, and green)

  • Next best alternative to HDMI for high definition video only
12′ Optical Audio Cable

  • Next best alternative to HDMI for digital audio only.
12′ Composite Audio/Video Cable (red,white, and yellow)

  • Most common cable option but provides low quality (non-HD, non-digital) analog audio and video.
12′ Composite Audio Cable (red and white)

  • Most common audio cable option but provides low quality (non-digital) analog audio only
12′ RG6 Coaxial Cable (cable/satellite TV line)

  • Standard cable used to connect incoming cable/satellite line to flat screen TV or cable/satellite receiver.
  • Also used to provide a low quality audio/video signal directly to flat screen TV or in place of the above audio/video cables.
 8′ Grounded 3 Prong Right Angle Extension Cord

  • Grounded for protection from unintentional shock.
 HDMI Right Angle Adapter

  • Helpful with the rare TV installation in which there is very little clearance for HDMI cable input.