No Cables Attached

At No Cables Attached, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service as well as the utmost highest standards of quality. We’ll put the finishing touches on your TV and home theater investment without the hassle and expense associated with other installers.

We’re locally owned and operated and fully insured, and we’re so certain that you’ll be happy with our service that we always offer a one year work guarantee.

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No Cables Attached

Scheduling Service

1) Contact Us

Please call or send a text to 832-554-6039 or send an email using our contact form. Call or text for the quickest response.

2) Discuss Your Service Needs & Pricing

We listen to what you have in mind for your home entertainment space and ask targeted questions to provide a service recommendation with a No Cables Attached cost estimate.

3) Schedule Installation

We offer guaranteed two hour windows daily Monday – Friday, 9AM – 6PM. Same day and next day appointments are available.

4) Arrival Time Call

We will call the day of your appointment to inform you that we are on the way, approximately 20-40 minutes prior to arrival.

5) Technician Arrives & Reviews Service Order

You will survey the installation area together and review the service order and pricing before work begins.

6) Service Is Performed

Your technician proceeds with the installation. In order to keep your installation cost down, your technician may request thirty seconds of assistance to lift a TV that weighs more than 75 pounds. We are happy to make other accommodations if this is not an option for you.

7) Customer Approves Work

You will be asked if the installation is to your liking and if anything else is needed to make your installation perfect.

8) Technician Takes Payment

The technician takes your cash or credit/debit card payment. VISA, Master Card, American Express, and Discover are accepted. A receipt is emailed immediately.


9) Customer Completes Brief Online Survey

Technician asks you to complete a brief customer satisfaction survey on the technician’s smart phone.

10) Kick Back & Enjoy!

Our work includes a one year guarantee for your peace of mind.

Please remember our low upfront pricing and on time, excellent quality service the next time you or your friends need a discount home theater guy.